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  • DUIs in College Towns
    DUIs in College Towns

    College towns are wrought with crazy parties where alcohol and drugs are often an entertaining activity. Fraternity parties are full of alcohol, and 21-year-olds with the newfound right to consume ...

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  • Your Impairment and Your Blood-Alcohol Content
    Your Impairment and Your Blood-Alcohol Content

    When you are driving under the influence, you are at risk to an accident because you have been impaired by the substances you were consuming. Because of this, the federal government has determined ...

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  • California's DUI Statistics
    California's DUI Statistics

    In California, partying and drinking are a part of the culture. With bright cities like Los Angeles, which are full of clubs, alcohol, and drugs, many people exceed their limit and then drive home, ...

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  • "I Could Smell the Alcohol!" A False DUI Claim

    We often say that we can smell the alcohol on a person’s breath, but when we make that claim we are actually referring to the scent of the beverage. Alcohol itself is actually odorless, so people who ...

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  • Driving Under the Influence of Baby Shampoo?
    Driving Under the Influence of Baby Shampoo?

    Sometimes, certain substances can mimic alcohol or drugs on a blood, breath, or urine test. For example, it is widely recognized that poppy seeds in excess can cause a person to read positive on a ...

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  • Police Officer Suspended After Third DUI
    Police Officer Suspended After Third DUI

    We expect law enforcement officers to abide by the law, but unfortunately these people have struggles too. Recently, a Sullivan County Sherriff was released after serving 30 days in an Orange County ...

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