Nick Fairley Pleads Not Guilty to a DUI

In Mobile, Alabama, defensive tackle Nick Farley pleaded not guilty to a DUI and attempting to elude the police last Thursday. His trial will be set for August 14th, even though he was arrested on May 27. The NFL pro was arrested for his second traffic violation this year. A state trooper was patrolling the Alabama highways when he noticed Fairley’s black 2010 Cadillac zooming down the road at an illegal 100 mph. He was flagged with sirens, but the football player refused to stop. Instead, he sped on, trying to avoid the police.

Eventually, he was apprehended near the 90 overpass in the state, and was cited for reckless driving. He failed to produce proof of insurance, meriting him another misdemeanor. He also ended up with an open container conviction because he had alcohol within the vehicle. The young man was caught in April with marijuana and issued a second-degree charge. He will dace sentencing for that charge on July 31st. The football player hopes to evade his DUI charges using a convincing lawyer. If you have been caught with a DUI, chances are that you need an attorney to help you out. You should never take these charges lightly, as they could land you in jail or with exorbitant fines.

Like Nick Fairley, you have the option to plead not guilty to your charges and prove your innocence with legal help. Also, if you know that you are guilty of a crime and there is too much evidence pointing to the crime to try and claim innocence, you can opt for a plea bargain. This is a deal where you admit that you are guilty of the crime in order to obtain a lesser sentence. Contact a DUI attorney if you need to strategize your defense today!

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