Laguna Beach Against Minors With Alcohol

Allegedly, the city of Laguna Beach is seeking to find was to hold adults responsible for giving, or allowing minors to drink, even for providing a place to drink. However, there were many local high school students that were protesting the new ordinance that claims that the adults should get in trouble for providing safe places for the kids to drink alcohol. These students held the educated argument that if they can’t drink within the confines of the home where it is safe, then students would be led to drink more at the parks or beaches, or drive while under the influence.

While in those places they are less inclined to dial 911 if there was ever an emergency for fear of being fined for illegally drinking in a location, and for being underage. One of the students pleaded for the city to view them as young adults rather than children, believing that youth would have more of a desire to help the police rather than working against them if this new law were to not pass. This view is based on the belief that with every law that passes, students are more inclined to not want to go to adults or police for help, they see that if the city were to not pass the new law that it would open up a road to youth being in communication with the authority figures.

Due to the rift in the community as to whether or not to pass this new law, the city council has chosen to reconvene in November in order to give the community more time to weigh the pros and cons of the ordinance that has been proposed. The youth see this as an opportunity to prepare a better argument for their case, and the adults are seeing this as an opportunity for change within their community with hopes to promote less underage drinking among the youth of their city.

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