Judges Charged With Misconduct on Celebrity DUI Case

Everyone has heard about Lindsey Lohan in the news the last few years. The attention wasn’t due to her new upcoming movies though, it was because of her many DUI arrests and court trials. During the time that she was being disciplined for charges left and right, there was something that slipped past the media’s eye, and that was the charges that were against the two judges that presided over her case in 2010. Los Angeles Superior Court Judges, Elden Fox and Marsha Revel, are being charged for misconduct in their dealings with Lindsey Lohan in the past. It is said that Revel met privately with a man who wanted to be Lohan’s attorney, and then Fox refused to give Lohan bail. This led to Lohan’s two week sentencing to jail.

It is said that this case allows the public a firsthand look into the pressures that are placed on judges when dealing with high profile or high status cases. The commission is a group that privately investigates the misconduct and accusations against the judges. They claim that they aim to keep these matters and accusations private and out of the many disciplines they have done; only six have ever been leaked to the public. Revel, because he was accused of speaking with an attorney without the opposing counsel present, called “ex-parte communications”, chose to step down from the case. This is where Fox picked up and then deemed that Lohan shouldn’t receive any bail after sentencing her 90 days in jail. It was then claimed that Fox over stepped his authority as a judge, and he should not have revoked her right to a bail. As it was stated by a legal ethics expert and professor at Stanford Law School, the judges made minor legal mistakes, and while Lohan wasn’t harmed by them it still put the court system in a bad light. If you or someone you know is in need of legal counsel that is trust worthy, contact the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry and we will fight for you with your DUI charges.

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