Jason Kidd Arrested for DUI

Famous NBA star, Jason Kidd, was just recently arrested for driving under the influence this week after a huge party. It is reported that after a long night of drinking, he got into his Cadillac and lost control of the car and at two in the morning hit a telephone pole. Reporters take note of the fact that yet another celebrity goes out and about drinking and driving, when there are so many options for safety. The team that Jason plays for, the Jets, apparently has a program that is meant to keep their players from incidents like these. The Player Protect Program actually provides around the clock service for transportation to their players if they are ever caught in a situation in which they cannot travel, especially in the instances of driving drunk. Coaches want to protect their players therefore created a system where there is literally no excuse for him to get into his vehicle.

There were no reported injuries as a result of his accident; however he still put himself and others at risk by getting into the car. The NBA is seeking ways to crack down on the drinking and driving at their events as well. They are encouraging responsible drinking at the basketball arenas and also trying promoting alternative options to those who have been drinking that at the arena. Reporters of the New York Post state their opinions in which they believe that the NBA should have a tighter policy with their players. Not only by their drinking and driving are they putting others at risk, but they are also putting themselves at risk and in the long run could result in a lot of money lost by the NBA if their players are being injured in car accidents as a result of driving under the influence. However if you or someone you know has been charged with a DUI, you deserve the proper legal defense. Please contact our offices today for more information!

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