Holiday Arrests: What You Need to Know

The Fourth of July, among most holidays, is a fun time where people like to gather together to celebrate and often consume alcohol. During holidays people like to party, as a result, the public safety officers are out and about in much larger numbers in order to patrol and uphold the laws. There is a forty-eight hour holiday window in which the task force is ready and prepared for unruly parties, and heavy drinkers. During this small two day bracket, there were 78 arrests in in Orange County that were suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, reportsThe Orange County Register.

According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, the legal driving blood alcohol content is under .08%, and may result in a suspension of driver’s license if convicted. This low limit has been placed in order to encourage less drinking and driving on the streets of California. While it may be enjoyable to have a few drinks on a holiday, if you do plan on driving here are a few tips to remember before getting into your vehicle. Please note that these BAC levels are dependent on gender, body size, body type, etc. and affect each person differently. A “drink” is considered to be a 12oz beer, a 4oz wine, or a 1 ¼oz of liquor.

.02 BAC is about one drink; note that any driver under the age of 21 caught with this may have their license suspended. If you drink about a drink and a half within an hour, you will soon be at a .04 BAC. At this point, there is likelihood that hand-eye coordination will be affected. Once you get to .05 BAC, which is about two drinks within the hour, this has a larger effect on the body. At this point it may be considered dangerous to drive. .08 BAC is three to five drinks consumed within an hour. If you are driving this point, then you are guilty of a DUI. If pulled over, you might be sent to jail, fined, or have your license suspended for this crime.

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