High School Students Learn the Dangers of Drinking and Driving

While classes were still in session, Dana Point High School participated in a mock drunk driving accident simulation. The Orange County Register showed photos of the students, acting as if they had been involved in a fatal DUI accident. One of the students lay unconscious in a bloody mess on top of the car and another girl stood beside her, grieving over the death of her best friend. This terrifying image was the climax of an accident that the high school watched from beginning to end starting with the drunk driver getting into the car, leading to the arrest by a police officer.

Friends Against Drunk Driving, is an organization that travels to different schools around the country to show students the horrifying truth that is associated with driving under the influence of alcohol. The local fire department comments that this simulation is something that they hope will teach these students, that in the long run it will save lives because they have seen firsthand what can happen to someone who drinks and drives.

This organization acts out the terrifying reality of car accidents associated with alcohol in hopes that these students will understand how real this issue is. Often, people can feel that accidents will never happen to them. However, this mentality can be careless. By allowing high school students to witness the blood and death that result from driving under the influence, FADD was able to prove that a fatal DUI accident can happen to anyone. Some teens believe that alcohol doesn’t affect them, yet the substance is proven to affect every person at a certain level. America has a zero-tolerance limit for teens. This means that a teenager found with even 0.01% alcohol in his or her system could end up in trouble. The simulation at Dana Point is a call to action. Teachers and anti-drunk driving advocates hope that as a result of this there will be less high school students drinking because they have witnessed the dangers it can lead to.

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