DUI Hit and Run Suspect Feeling Ashamed in Court

Paul William Walden, 31, is a suspect accused of driving under the influence and committing a hit and run felony. It is said that his accident in Carmichael, CA seriously injured the two young pedestrians and killed all four of the dogs they were walking last week. Walden is currently in court custody with no chance of bail. His alleged crime is making headlines, and it is reported that at his first hearing on Monday there were many reporters and news casters ready to hear and tell of the case. The father of one victim claims that Walden is a coward because when he entered into the court room he hid in a corner and would make no contact with the victims’ families. It is reported that Walden remained very quiet during his trial. He is facing nine different counts against him which include felony hit and run, and animal cruelty; the judge took away his right to make bail at this time as well.

The court is also choosing to hold him without bail because of a possible violation of his parole. While he has never been to court for this type of crime, it is not Walden’s first encounter with the law. CHP claims that when they arrested Walden before while he was under the influence of drugs, and the victim’s family claims that perhaps their children wouldn’t have been injured if he was arrested the first time. While the victims are alive, they are facing major injuries, Harrison Long-Randall, the boyfriend, are still unable to speak and are in critical condition. The girlfriend, Gemily West survived with broken bones only because of her boyfriend pushing her out of the way of the car. Cases like this unfortunately happen frequently, contact the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry for the legal defense you need if accused of any sort of DUI.

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