DUI Charges Filed Against U.S. Senators Son

United States Senator Sheldon Whitehouse son was recently accused of driving under the influence. The son was on 19 years old so his charges were a criminal misdemeanor. The son was arrested because of a complaint made by a witness who claimed that near the local 7-Eleven he was driving recklessly. When questioned, Alexander admitted the police what he had consumed that night and how much, when they examined his BAC levels at the arrest the came to 0.09%. In the state of Rhode Island the illegal level is at 0.08%. Alexander Whitehouse received his sentencing which included 30hours of community service, training courses on the dangers of drunk driving, and he will owe a $250 fine along with any other court fees, and a suspended license for the next three months. The Senator, a caring father, says that he hopes his son will learn from his mistake.

Mr. Whitehouse states that his son will not only have to suffer the consequences held by the court, but he will also have repercussions for his actions at home. Mr. and Mrs. Whitehouse claim that any punishments that take place are an act of love for their son in hopes that he will learn and grow from his mistake. Senator Whitehouse claims that his son responded well to the hearing, and is taking responsibility for his actions. One of the attorneys on the case states that Alexander received triple the average punishment and he thinks it is likely do to his parents wanting their son to really understand the gravity of his actions, in hopes that they will never occur again. Being arrested for driving under the influence is a difficult situation to undertake, especially as an underage drinker. Contact the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry for the DUI defense that you need, one that is aggressive and experienced.

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