DUI Case Leads Government to a Wanted International Fugitive

In Las Vegas, Nevada a recent arrest for driving under the influence led to the catching of a wanted German fugitive who has been running from the government for over five years now. It is said that this German man took part in a $100 million international fraud scheme years ago, and has been wanted ever since. Ulrich Felix Engler, 51, was arrested back in 2011 and when the DUI arrest occurred in Vegas his print showed up as a match to this wanted financial thief.

U.S. Marshalls office has teamed up with the local Las Vegas Police Department in order to go about this case. He was officially arrested Wednesday July 25. The FBI claims that now there are more leads on the investigations, they have been able so far to trace over 1,000 pieces of art work hidden in one storage center in Nevada. They suspect that on top of Engler’s international crimes, that he is guilty of more local Vegas crimes such as identity theft in order to hide his true wanted self. The FBI hopes that as a result of finding all of these stolen art pieces, they will in some way be able to compensate the victims who had the pieces stolen from them.

Allegedly in 2007 the German court put out a warrant for Engler’s arrest for many different charges of fraud. If left with the German authorities he is likely to spend at least 20 years in their prisons. Engler has confessed to his schemes stating that he would set up an investment company in the states with those in Europe and what they didn’t realize is that they would lose access to their own finances the moment the money transferred. He collected over $100 million dollars through his scheme. More information on the cases ruling has yet to be released.

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