DUI Accident Supposedly Linked to Child Death

Just days ago a young boy from Fresno, California was killed in a hit and run car accident. This little boy was Donovan Maldonado, he was out enjoying a bike ride on a sunny afternoon when the car hit him and then dragged his body for a few hundred yards. It is reported that Loren LeBeau, the local high school Varsity basketball coach, was the driver responsible for this accident. He has been arrested on the charges of suspected drunk driving, vehicular manslaughter, and also for severe injuries to Donovan’s father Jesse and little infant sister. Reports say that the two will recover from their severe injuries. Fresno police Lieutenant Tony Bennick states that the witnesses were unaware of a car even being in sight, the family was in possession of the right of way because they were walking through the streets crosswalk at the time. Witnesses acknowledge that a street lamp wasn’t working that night though there was ample light provided by other objects in order to see the victims.

According to the investigation LeBeau was going 5 miles over the speed limit, driving at 45mph on the road when he hit them. Though the tests from the field sobriety test are not being released to the public, it is said that he did not pass it and that he highly smelled of alcohol at the scene. Loren LeBeau is currently out on a $256,000 bail and he awaits his official hearing in court which is scheduled to take place on August 9th. He explains to the family and to the public how dreadfully sorry he is for this incident; he loved his community and loved the children. For those who have been accused of driving under the influence having a defense lawyer who can accurately defend your specific situation is crucial. If you have been accused of this crime in the Orange County area, contact the Law offices of Virginia L. Landry for the legal counsel you deserve!

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