Avoid a Fourth of July DUI!

Holidays are primary day for drinking, which means that they are also major days for drinking and driving. Many people believe that they wouldn’t be celebrating Independence Day correctly if they didn’t have a cold beer in their hands. Yet having too many of these beverages can cause catastrophic accidents later on in the day. Last year, there were 56 DUI arrests made in Orange County alone on the 4th of July. In the four days leading up to this holiday, there were 211 DUI arrests, which were almost all a result of holiday celebratory drinking. In Los Angeles County, 836 people were arrested for driving under the influence. Many times people violate open container laws on these holidays as well, as they drive to and from parties or fireworks shows with alcohol in hand.

Because of this, local police are often vigilant on this holiday, pulling over anyone that they suspect of drunk driving because of a minor infraction. If you choose to drink as a way to celebrate your day, then you should designate a driver that can stay sober all night and drive you home safe. You don’t want to end up with the fines, jail time, bail cost, court dates, and other penalties that accompany a DUI arrest. These crimes are not taken lightly, and you won’t want to suffer the serious consequences. Talk to a DUI attorney today if you end up with a charge for driving under the influence this Fourth of July. You will want someone who can help you to avoid serious consequences and possibly lessen you sentences. Make sure that your first step when arrested is to contact a DUI attorney in your area. At The Law Offices of Virginia Landry, we are here to help you. Talk to us today!

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