Some Say DUI Suspect was Victim of Police Brutality

Several police officers have come under suspicion after conducting a routine DUI stop in Santa Barbara, California. Some allege that the 50-year-old man that they pulled over for drinking and driving was in fact a victim of police brutality. According to reports, when the man was first signaled to pull over, he went into a parking lot. He then got out of his vehicle to speak to the police. Once outside of his car, the officers allegedly tasered, kicked, and hit the man until he was on the ground. The entire incident was caught on videotape due to a dashboard camera in one officer's vehicle.

Despite the videotape, the arresting officers are sticking to their story that the man was resisting arrest. While this is under investigation by the internal affairs department, the man was arrested for driving on a suspended license, having a blood alcohol content level about 0.08, and driving under the influence. As a result of all the publicity surrounding the case, the prosecutor has requested that it be moved to another district. If you have questions about the circumstances surrounding your DUI arrest, take the time to contact the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry today so you have the opportunity to speak with an Orange County DUI lawyer.

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