Man Changes DUI Plea from Guilty to Innocent after Serving Jail Time

After pleading guilty to the DUI deaths that he caused in 2007, the driver known as D.B. is now saying that he was not responsible. In addition to wanting to be cleared of the charges, D.B. now wants to be paid for the time that he has spent behind bars. When police first arrived at the scene of the DUI accident in 2007 on Christmas Day, there were three victims, all of whom lost their lives. Upon completing their investigation, the officers determined that the suspect had had drugs in his system when he caused the accident. Police say that while DUI, D.B. did not even step on his brakes prior to slamming into the back of the vehicle that carried the three victims.

Now that time has passed, D.B. has changed his plea from guilty to innocent. His attorney says that the other vehicle caused the accident and that his client should be compensated for his troubles. Were you arrested during a DUI accident? Do you want to fight your charges so you can move forward with your life? If so, take the time to contact the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry now to enlist the advice and services of an Orange County DUI lawyer from our firm.

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