California Impound Law Changes

Over the past few years thousands of cars in California have been towed when the driver did not have a valid license. It became such an issue that several watchdog groups cried out for a change in legislation. Their cries have finally been heard and a change in legislation is set to take place this month.

In the past, police would call to have vehicles towed if the driver did not have a license. However, this seemed to affect certain groups more disproportionately than others, a fact that did not go unnoticed.

The new law will prevent police from impounding cars as freely as they once did. Anyone who is arrested for not having a license can call for someone to pick up their vehicle instead. This is only valid if the person's only offense is not having a license, however. If someone is arrested at a DUI checkpoint for being intoxicated and not having proper documentation, police can call to have the vehicle taken away.

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