Woman Falls Asleep in Patrol Car after Fatal DUI Accident

Police are still investigating a fatal crash that took place on a California highway last year and the driver is likely to be charged with vehicular manslaughter for her role in causing the DUI accident. The suspect, 24-year-old P.V., was involved in a car accident that took the life of F.W. over four months ago. Police records show that she was so intoxicated that when she was placed into the patrol car, she immediately fell asleep. Investigating officers found two prior DUI arrests on her record, a fact that is likely to aggravate the charges against P.V.

Thanks to software embedded in her car, police will be able to determine just how fast P.V. was driving when she struck the victim's car from behind. This will help the prosecution build a case against her even though the details of the DUI accident seem to be fairly straightforward at this time. Anytime you are facing DUI accident charges, you must know that you may be sentenced with harsh penalties if you are convicted. Therefore, it is important that you protect yourself by hiring an Orange County DUI attorney from our office. Don't wait to contact the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry to get the legal help you need throughout your case.

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