Woman Caught Texting Prior to DUI Accident

A young woman that was found to have been texting seconds before a car crash has been sentenced to four years behind bars. D.M.M. was intoxicated when she decided to drive home last February. While this would have been reason enough to bring charges against the 23-year-old driver, police also discovered that she had been texting while driving. There were several messages sent and received just moments before she drifted into the bike lane and struck a female bicyclist. The victim, 41-year-old A.B., lost her life as a result of the DUI accident.

The driver pleaded guilty in an Orange County court last week. She was given a sentence of 4 years for the charge of felony vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence while being intoxicated. The prosecution made special note of the fact that the young drier had received several citations for texting while driving in the past. If you have been charged with causing a DUI accident, now is the right time to consult an Orange County DUI lawyer by contacting the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry.

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