Old Law Allows Politician to Avoid DUI Arrest

While one politician avoided going to jail, it cost her a political position with the local government. Rep. Laura Bradford, R-Grand Junction, was pulled over last week in Denver, Colorado on suspicion of DUI. When the officer approached her vehicle last week, he already had suspicions that she had been drinking. Her erratic driving was the first clue and a strong smell of alcohol as well as red eyes was also noted by the policeman. Bradford quickly identified herself as the chair of the House Local Government Committee.

Thanks to an old law on the books, Bradford avoided being charged with DUI. The law states that lawmakers have immunity from being arrested while they are in a legislative session. While she was able to avoid arrest, she was suspended as the Chair of the Committee shortly after. Police officers ordered her cab home instead of keeping her in jail. Were you arrested for suspicion of DUI? Now is the time to contact the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry so you can have your case reviewed by an experienced Orange County DUI attorney who can help you prepare to fight your charges.

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