Man Convicted of DUI 13 Times

A man that has been convicted of DUI thirteen times is going to spend a long period of time in jail. The man was sentenced to six years by a judge in Santa Ana, California after being in gross violation of his parole. When T.H.G. went before a judge this week, it was the first time that he admitted that he has a drinking problem. This was after being arrested 13 times for DUI and related charges. The last time he was arrested during the summer of 2010 when he was found falling asleep behind the wheel intoxicated. That last arrest came too soon for T.H.G. who had gone almost a decade without getting arrested for DUI.

Under state law, you can avoid mandatory sentencing by not being arrested for a period of ten years. Since his latest arrest fell within that time period, the judge was forced to give him a sentence of six years in jail. If you're facing multiple DUI charges, do not wait to contact the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry. You'll want an experienced Orange County DUI attorney on your side who is committed to helping you contest your charges and who will work with prosecutors to have your penalties reduced, if possible.

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