DUI Defendant Gets 3 to 6 Years for Hitting Bicyclist

This week, news sources reported that a defendant was sentenced to three to six years for hitting and killing a bicyclist late December 2010. According to the police report, P.R.J., 54, was driving his vehicle on December 30, 2010 when he struck R.B., 62, who was riding his bicycle. Instead of stopping to check on the victim, P.R.J. kept driving until he was involved in a second accident. Due to a quick identification by the women riding in a minivan near the collision, police were able to identify, locate, and arrest P.R.J.

In addition to being intoxicated, P.R.J. admitted to taking a strong pain medication before driving. He was eventually charged with two felony counts of DUI of drugs and causing an accident that led to death and/or personal injury. In addition to spending years behind bars, he was given three years probation. As you can see, the legal penalties for a DUI conviction can be quite serious. For this reason, if you've been arrested for DUI, don't wait to contact the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry to enlist the services of an experienced Orange County DUI lawyer.

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