Drunk Driving to Blame for Three Car Accident

Alcohol is to blame for the fatal three-car accident that clogged up traffic last week in Solano, California. The driver that caused the accident has since been arrested on multiple charges. According to the police report, M.H., 42, was driving her SUV on the highway at high speeds. She was following the truck in front of her too closely and wound up hitting it at full force. The impact pushed the vehicle across all of the lanes into the center divider. It flipped and was left on its roof in the center lane.

While two of the passengers in the second vehicle were able to escape, there was a third passenger that was trapped in the back seat. In the process of trying to remove the trapped man, later identified as V.S., a third vehicle struck the overturn car. The impact immediately killed V.S. as well as the driver of the third vehicle. Whenever people are facing DUI charges in California, especially DUI accident charges, it is imperative that they hire an Orange County DUI attorney as soon as possible. To get legal representation and defense throughout your DUI case, contact the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry today.

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