Drunk Driver Crashes into Condo in Escondido

In Escondido, California, police reports show that a 23-year-old man, whose identity is being withheld, was involved in a DUI accident that led to one person being critically injured. After looking into the man's criminal background, officers learned that he had a prior DUI conviction, making him a multiple DUI offender in the state of California. When police arrived on the scene of the accident, they found the man's pickup truck crashed into the side of a condominium. The owner of the condominium was seriously injured and transported to an area hospital.

Police believe that the driver was heading east when he struck a curb, causing him to lose control of his vehicle. As he crashed into the condo he struck the homeowner, who wound up being pinned under the truck, and had to be removed by firefighters and EMS. His young daughter was also struck but received non-life-threatening injuries. Are you being accused of causing a DUI accident that led to others being injured? Take the time to contact the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry now as you will need an Orange County DUI lawyer on your side to contest these serious accusations and charges.

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