The Labor Day Crack-Down Begins

With Labor Day looming, more and more police officers are setting up DUI checkpoints all over the Orange County area. Labor Day isn’t for two weeks, but the Labor Day weekend is often a trap for many drivers who choose to drink behind the wheel or before getting in the car. Southern Californians think that Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to enjoy alcohol and party the weekend away. But just because there’s no work waiting on Monday doesn’t mean that this holiday weekend is a good time to drink and drive. In fact, more patrols than normal will be out, looking for offenders who are under the influence and out on the roads.

Last year, California AVOID states that 856 offenders were arrested within a two and a half week period surrounding Labor Day in Orange County alone. The day before Labor Day, a Sunday evening, brought in 82 arrests. Within those two and a half weeks, there were tow fatal DUI collisions in the county. In San Diego, 957 DUI arrests were made surrounding Labor Day weekend in 2010. Another two DUI accidents resulted in the death of the passengers involved.

With statistics like this, it’s no wonder that police are setting up a variety of DUI checkpoints in the weeks leading up to Labor Day. Yet while these check points can catch dangerous drivers, they are also able to charge innocents. A broken breathalyzer or an accidental run-in with a police officer can transform your Labor Day fun into a horrible day in a county jail. As you go out these next few weeks surrounding Labor Day, remember the overwhelming amount of arrests that are associated with the holiday. Make sure that you are driving safe, and designate a driver to take you home after a night of fun. If you are arrested for a DUI, then have the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry by your side to fight for you in court. We are a firm that is respected for our experience and knowledge of DUI law. You want someone you can feel confident in on your side. You get that with the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry. Talk to us today!

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