No Action Taken in San Onofre DUI Case

When a nuclear security worker was arrested by the California Highway Patrol, the officer forgot to report the arrest to management. The issue created a large conflict when federal regulators discovered that they hadn’t been informed of the arrest in the proper time window. The security officer who was arrested had unregulated access to the plant while he was in custody, which is a violation of the San Onofre’s fitness-for-duty policy. The officer was fired after the incident, and faced the possibility of criminal charges because he failed to report the issue. Yet the Nuclear Regulatory Commission eventually chose to stop actions against the worker, saying that the issue wasn’t worth pursuing.

Failing to report a DUI arrest after it occurs can become a serious offense in a workplace environment. This is especially true if you work in a company that aims to promote safety and care to citizens. Security workers often have to go through extensive background checks, and if they are involved in a crime it can severely affect their employment. Even something as small as a DUI can become a big deal. If you work in security, law enforcement, or a government position, you will need to go through the DUI with your workplace. More than likely, they will hear of your arrest when you inform them that you are not able to come to work because you are incarcerated. Yet if you do not have to miss work, it is still probably a good idea to inform your boss of your situation.

Talk to a DUI lawyer to get more information about reporting your DUI. If could become a serious concern if you do not inform the right parties about your offense. You may have been falsely accused of a DUI. If you are in this situation, then you need an aggressive and strategic lawyer on your side to help you to combat you charges. This will protect you from losing you job and suffering the serious consequences of driving while intoxicated. Talk to someone today!

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