Jessica Simpson's Father Accused of DUI

According to the Huffington Post, the father of the famous singer and reality TV star, Jessica Simpson, was recently arrested on the charges of driving under the influence. Reporters share that it is likely Joe Simpson’s blood alcohol content levels were at 0.12 which is much higher than the legal limits of 0.08. According to the police, he was arrested at a police checkpoint in the San Fernando Valley on August 4 near a bar that his daughter supposedly visits often.

Being accused of driving under the influence can face minor to severe consequences depending on the situation and the number of offenses the accused has faced prior to the event. For first time offenders, there is a chance of having your license suspended up to four months. Even though the offender may have their license back in just a few short months, there is also the possibility of being under probation for up to five years. The courts can also require a number of alcohol classes to learn driver’s responsibility and also the effects of alcohol. When accused of your first DUI the consequences will be much less severe if convicted than those facing two or more DUI charges.

It is important to be aware that if convicted of more than one DUI charge, there can be lifelong consequences as a result such as extreme fines, jail time between one year and up to four years. Again depending on the number of occurrences, there can also be years of license suspension. Due to the severity of consequences one can face if convicted of driving under the influence, having a DUI defense attorney is critical. At the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry we are committed to fighting for you! Contact our offices today for more information!

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