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Amanda Bynes Goes for Her 3rd Hit & Run

Well known and loved actress, Amanda Bynes, has been accused of her third hit and run accident this year. It is believed that back in April, she was arrested for driving under the influence, and also just one month later in May was accused of two separate hit and run accidents as well. On August 4, women reported to the police that she had been hit by Amanda Bynes and then she fled the scene after talking for a few moments.

The victim, Kisa, called into the police claims that when she was driving her Toyota Corolla down Ventura Boulevard, she was hit from behind by women in a black BMW. Both drivers got out of their car and started to discuss the incidence. The victim recalls that she immediately noticed the women looked like there was a lot going on, claiming that she appeared to be a hot mess. As she tells the story of what happens, the victim describes how she didn’t even recognized Bynes at first. They began to discuss the damage of the cars and the victim sought to exchange insurance information. Kisa claims at this point she appeared very nervous about the insurance and then explained how she didn’t think the damage on the cars was bad at all.

At this point, Bynes supposedly got into her car and drove away without ever giving up the information. While there is no evidence for her driving under the influence at this hit and run, there is nothing that denies she was either. Until more information comes out, there is not much that can be proved. If you or someone you know has been accused of a hit and run or a DUI charge, have them contact the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry immediately for the legal representation that they deserve. We want to fight for you!