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Alcohol-Induced Blackouts: Getting the Facts Straight

Recently, a 27 year old woman woke up in her home after a night social drinking; an expensive ring was missing from her finger and she was partially undressed. The night before, she and a friend were at a bar, socializing with a man from another table. After coming back from the restroom, the woman returned to her table and finished the drink that she had left there. A short time later, she began to feel sick, dizzy and confused. Nine hours later, she woke up in her apartment with no memory of the night before.

Police launched an investigation, suspecting that the woman was a victim of Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault (DFSA) and robbery. 12 hours after her last drink, a breath test concluded that her Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) was approximately 0.120%. After questioning the woman's friend, they discovered that the man left the table before the alleged victim finished her drink and had not been seen since – making it unlikely that he had committed DFSA. Instead, police learned that the woman's friend drove her home, partially undressed her and placed her in bed. The ring was later discovered on the bathroom floor of the woman's apartment.

Alcohol-induced blackouts can be frightening and confusing – especially if evidence suggests that you were assaulted and robbed while unconscious. However, the evidence doesn't always add up. In this case, police could have accused a man of a crime he didn't commit. Assault and robbery are never okay; convicting and innocent person of a crime they didn't commit is wrong, too. At The Law office of Virginia L. Landry, we know that sorting out the detail surrounding alcohol-related cases can be hard to do. If you've been accused of a crime you didn't commit, talk to an attorney from our firm. We are ready to help you set the record straight.