27 Arrested this Weekend at DUI Checkpoints

Police believe DUI checkpoints are effective, and the numbers are proving that they may be right. San Diego police arrested more than two dozen men and women this weekend when they set up checkpoints on the road to make sure that people were driving according to the limits set by the law. The Rancho Bernardo Patch reports that more than 2,000 cars in the San Diego area passed through the check points.

11 arrests were made on suspicion of drunk driving, and 11 vehicles were impounded during one checkpoint that was set up on College Avenue near the San Diego State University. Allegedly, a lot of college students are tempted to drink and drive, and are a prime target for the police. With this being the kick-off week for many college students, the tendency to party and drink is even higher.

A lot of new students or returning friends spend their nights before school starts drinking and partying in reunion. Then, these students decide it’s time to head home, but they are too intoxicated to drive. The police wanted to set a serious example by pulling over those that acted in this way. The schools actually support these DUI check points, and the stations set up by police last weekend were in part from a mini grant by UC Berkeley. An officer at the San Diego Police Department issued a statement: “The message is simple. Drive sober or get pulled over.” At another checkpoint, 16 arrests were made and 17 vehicles were impounded.

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