Supreme Court Decides to Allow Strip Searches

A recent ruling by the Supreme Court has raised the concern of many in the United States. The justices ruled that police officers were allowed to conduct strip searches on people that are arrested for any type of offense, even if people present no indication of having contraband items on their bodies. The decision was not a popular one for the liberal portion of the Supreme Court. This pronouncement goes against the statutes already established in ten states as well as federal law. However, now that the vote has been passed by a majority in the Supreme Court, a 5-4 vote, it will affect police departments across the nation.

The majority justices wrote that it is not the role of the court to tell a police officer how best to conduct his business when it comes to things such as contraband, gang activity and public health. Several appeals courts have made similar decisions during the past twelve months. Judges in San Francisco, Atlanta and Philadelphia have given police officers more leeway in regards to strip searches. Were you recently arrested for a crime, such as DUI, and subjected to questionable police protocol? If so, contact the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry today to see what options you have by speaking with an Orange County DUI lawyer from our team.