State Trooper Questioned Over DUI Protocol

A state trooper in Utah is under strict scrutiny after the department learned that she may not have followed protocol. If the department finds her to be at fault, hundreds of DUI cases could be overturned due to her negligence. State Trooper L.S. was named "Trooper of the Year" in 2007 for her outstanding DUI arrest record. During that year she made 200 DUI arrests. However, the department started to question her activities beginning in 2009 when a camera in her police vehicle showed something surprising. She was caught tasering a suspect that was later deemed to be sober.

The incident that has placed the trooper back in the spotlight was failing to follow police protocol. She gave a DUI suspect a breathalyzer exam before administering field sobriety tests, which is not the correct procedure. If she is found to be in violation of state and local laws then earlier cases could be overturned or dismissed. Do you suspect that the officer that arrested you for DUI did not follow protocol? If so, this may impact the outcome of your case or even lead to your charges being dismissed. Don't wait to contact the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry to speak with an Orange County DUI lawyer about the legal possibilities.

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