Decrease in DUI Fatalities Reported in Huntington Beach

Thanks to the increased efforts of police across the state of California, some cities have seen a decrease in drunk driving fatalities over the past few years. One of these cities, Huntington Beach, had a slight decrease in traffic fatalities last year. According to the state's Office of Traffic Safety, Huntington Beach ranked number one for DUI fatalities in 2009 for cities of its size. The following year, there were fewer fatalities in this area thanks to a crackdown initiated by city officials. After learning that their city ranked number one in 2009 officials worked with law enforcement agencies to ensure that they would not retain this spot the following year.

While Huntington Beach may not claim the top spot any longer, it does remain in the top 10%. It has been in this position for over five years now, a fact city officials are paying close attention to. If you are facing DUI charges in Southern California and you want to know what defense options you may have as a defendant, contact the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry now to arrange a case evaluation with an experienced Orange County DUI attorney from our team now!

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