Councilman's DUI Accident Responsible for His Son's Injuries

A city councilman in Northern California, known as J.W., has been charged with causing a DUI accident that injured his son. He appeared in court this week to enter a plea of "not guilty" for all the charges entered against him. Police were called to the scene of the DUI accident in February where the councilman was caught attempting to flee before officers arrived. He had crashed his vehicle into a parked car and left his 4-year-old son in the vehicle. The young boy sustained a bloody nose during the collision. When the officers checked J.W.'s blood-alcohol level, they found it to be 0.24%, well above the state's legal limit of 0.08%.

Since the accident, the councilman told fellow council members that he was going to enter a rehabilitation facility. Although he has stopped going to meetings, he has yet to enter into a treatment program. When the local newspaper asked whether he had plans on resigning his post the 23-year-old councilman declined to comment. If you caused a DUI accident and are hoping to defend yourself against your charges so you can avoid harsh DUI penalties, like jail time, contact the Law Offices of Virginia L. Landry now to arrange a time to speak with an experienced Orange County DUI attorney from our team.

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