Car Drives Off Mountain during Possible DUI Accident

After driving off a mountain and falling nearly 500 feet, three people are lucky to be alive.

According to police form the California Highway Patrol, a man driving a car lost control of his vehicle and drove off the side of a road. He was part of a cavalcade that was driving into the forest, which made the response time even faster since there were several witnesses to the accident. While the driver was able to extract himself from the vehicle and hike back up to the roadway, his two passengers were stuck in the vehicle.

After speaking with the 20-year-old driver, officers quickly concluded that he was under the influence of alcohol. However, this will not be confirmed until the results of the blood work are returned from the lab.

Police say that all three victims were brought to area hospitals to be treated for minor to major injuries. Although he has not been charged at this time, the driver is likely to be charged for his role in the DUI accident.

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