Worrisome DUI Trends

Even though recent figures show a nationwide decline in drunk driving fatalities, there are still some worrisome trends to consider.

A recent report showed that drunk driving fatalities decreased by 20 percent between 2006 and 2009. This figure only applies to people who died while driving drunk. It does not include those victims who were killed as a result of a drunk driver. In that case, the figure is actually much higher; one-third of all driving fatalities included an impaired motorist.

In some states, drunk driving has become more of an issue than others. For example, California has witnessed an increase in DUI cases for drivers under the age of 21. Another fact revealed by the report was that female drivers who were arrested for DUI has been increasing ever since 1989. Although there is no singular way to stop people from driving drunk, some have recommended that states enact laws that would help prevent further accidents. One suggestion is to install ignition interlock devices in the vehicles of DUI offenders.

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