Nebraska Overturns DUI Conviction

It is extremely rare for DUI convictions to be overturned, but that is exactly what happened in Nebraska last week.

When the Nebraska Supreme Court heard a DUI case, legal experts were certain that the conviction would be upheld. However, the court shocked many by overturning the case even though the young man refused a chemical test, was in possession of an open container and was found guilty of DUI by a lower court.

On the day of his arrest, the young man had gotten into an argument with his father. He left home and returned intoxicated. It was the father who called the police to report that his son was operating a vehicle while drunk. The son tried to tell the officers that he had not been driving while intoxicated, but they took the word of his father instead.

However, the Supreme Court ruled that since the young man was sitting in the vehicle, which was parked with its engine off, the lower court had no reason to convict him of DUI.

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