Mother Endangers Son while DUI

One young boy was saved from serious injury when a witness stopped his mother from throwing him over a fence.

According to the police, several people phoned in to report a single-car accident on the interstate. When officers arrived on the scene, they discovered that a 25-year-old woman had run off the road and into a cable barrier median. Several witnesses stated that they saw her driving erratically just before the accident, but it was her actions afterward that shocked many.

The young woman took her 4-year-old son out of the backseat of her car and ran up a hill next to the highway. Luckily, one of the witnesses followed her up before she could throw her son over a 10-foot fence.

After taking her into custody, the woman was charged for leaving the scene of an accident, driving under suspension, child endangerment and neglect of a child, as well as causing a DUI accident.

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