Man Runs over Officer's Legs during Traffic Stop

In Garden Grove, a motorcycle officer tried to stop a man for not wearing a seatbelt to issue a citation. Unfortunately, the man decided to struggle and ran over the officer's legs on Wednesday morning. Now, law enforcement is looking for the man who was operating an older model, green vehicle at the time of the incident.

When asked about the condition of the motorcycle cop, police said that he would be fine and most likely recover from his injuries. Yet, they said they were uncertain why the man chose to drive off. They identified the man and say that he does not have any warrants, criminal history, and the car was not stolen.

Police also said that the man appeared nervous when the motorcycle cop approached him to give a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt. He was asked to step out of the vehicle, which he did, only he jumped back into the car when the officer went to call for backup. Once inside the car, he and the officer struggled for a moment before the man threw the car into reverse. An open door knocked over the officer and as the car backed up, it ran over the police man's legs. The man then drove off.

At this time, police say that anyone with information should contact them immediately.

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