DUI Offender Takes Police on Wild Chase

While you should never drink and drive, you should definitely not engage in a high-speed police chase while under the influence as it can lead to serious penalties.

According to several deputies from one police department, an officer witnessed a vehicle driving erratically on a busy highway last week around 11:30 PM. He watched as the passenger car drove into oncoming traffic, sideswiped another vehicle, and then drifted back into his own lane. The officer then attempted to pull the driver over but he refused. He sideswiped the cruiser and took off again into oncoming traffic.

The intoxicated driver finally stopped when he ran head-on into a SUV just a few feet up the road. Another officer arrived on the scene and detained the driver, a 34-year-old man from Bradenton, Florida.

Luckily, nobody sustained life-threatening injuries during the serious accident.

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