County Gets Grant to Crack Down on DUI

Thanks to a grant, one county in California will be able to resume its efforts to cut down on drunk driving.

The $360,000 grant was awarded to the Sacramento County Probation Department specifically to target individuals already convicted of DUI. This grant will help provide additional monitoring of the worst offenders in the county. With most probation officers already overworked, this grant will help provide the funds necessary to guarantee additional monitoring of the roadways.

Thanks to the grant, the probation department will be able to conduct even more unannounced home searches, office visits, warrant sweeps, as well as random testing for alcohol and/or drugs. All of this is already allowed by the state, but with reduced resources and manpower, it has not been possible to conduct all of these measures to keep repeat offenders off the road. Grants like these have helped to reduce the overall deaths in California caused by drunk driving over the past few years.

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