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Young Woman Arrested for Underage DUI

A young woman thought she could not only get away with underage drinking, but drinking and driving as well last weekend in California.

However, Korinna Outwater, 19, quickly learned the law will soon catch up to you. Outwater was pulled over by California Highway Patrol after she was observed weaving across U.S. Highway 101. When they asked for her identification, they discovered multiple forms of false ID in addition to her underage DUI. At the Marin County Jail, they examined the three counterfeit cards, all from Hawaii, that made her range in age from 22 to 24; she also possessed expired California and Minnesota licenses.

As a result, the CHP will be opening an investigation into a possible problem with counterfeit government documents identification cards.

If you have been arrested for underage DUI, there is no time to waste in contacting an Orange County DUI attorney.  Even though you are facing serious charges, it is possible to have them reduced or even eliminated with the help of a lawyer.