Sergio Kindle Faces DUI Penalties

Although he was able to avoid jail time by pleading guilty to DUI, Sergio Kindle may face serious repercussions on the football field.

Kindle, 23, was given two years probation rather than jail time since Judge Neil Edward Axel believed that he had taken "positive steps" towards getting treatment. This included a five-day stay at a private Owings Mill facility last week. In his statement to the judge, Kindle expressed serious remorse for his actions: "I am held to a higher standard and people look up to me. I see that its a problem and I'm here to be treated. I want to continue to address this as long as need be."

However, Kindle did not wait around to answer reporters' questions regarding his trial. His lawyer, Warren Alperstein, commented for Kindle: "He's delighted with the judge's sentence [...] He is eager to put this behind him, but he certainly recognizes the need to continue to addressing the issues that caused him to be here today."

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