Santa Rose Assemblyman Wants to Change Sobriety Checkpoint Conduct

Santa Rose Assemblyman Michael Allen is on a mission to change how law enforcement agencies conduct sobriety checkpoints.

Under his proposed bill, Allen hopes to prevent the unnecessary targeting of illegal immigrants who are often treated differently at DUI stops. The bill, also known as AB 1389, is under strict scrutiny by law enforcement officials who do not necessarily want to see it pass. Under current state law, officers can arrest or cite a person that is discovered driving without a license; their vehicle would then be impounded for thirty days.

The new bill would require officers to give the unlicensed driver a chance to call a licensed driver to move the vehicle, rather than have it impounded. However, there are certain circumstances that would still allow the vehicle to be impounded, such as if it was used in a crime. Allen adds that 'driving without a license should not be a trigger to the loss of property.'

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