Neighbors Not Surprised by Woman's Actions While DUI

Neighbors to the woman believed to be responsible for, among other things, dragging a sheriff's deputy with her car, say that they are not surprised.

Police reports show that Pasco County Deputy Ashley Grady was in the process of arresting Brittany Miles for aDUI when she took off in her car. This all happened even though Miles was still in handcuffs; officers are still trying to understand how she escaped.  In the process, however, she dragged the deputy down the road. Investigators also believe that Miles is responsible for a separate incident, for killing Henry McCain while he was riding his motorcycle.

One neighbor complained about her bad behavior to police, that Miles was "always under eviction, the threat of eviction. Then I seen the electric go out. It's been out for a month. Then the gas. And she was never here."

Luckily Deputy Grady escaped with just a broken arm, and is currently recuperating on medical leave.

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