Man Sentenced for Accident That Led to Death

A man accused of killing three children in a drunk driving accident has finally been sentenced.

The fatal accident happened on Jan. 25,2009 when 43-year-old Gabriel Delrisco drove his truck into the back of a family van. Inside was the Serrano family, including three children - Amber Serrano,4; Esmeralda Serrano,7; and Hector Serrano Jr., 10 - who all died instantly.

Delrisco was later charged with and pleaded guilty to driving drunk and vehicular manslaughter. The state had hoped to sentence Delrisco to 45 years in prison, the maximum penalty possible, the judge decided on ten years for each child, amounting to 30 years in a federal prison. According to prosecutor David I. Gilbert, "The man was an accident waiting to happen.There is no reason whatsoever to show him leniency."

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