Estella Warren Drives Drunk and Escapes Police Custody

To the surprise of her arresting officers, Estella Warren not only broke the law by driving drunk, but also by escaping from police custody.

According to criminal defense attorney Troy Slaten (who is not representing Warren,) she could be facing serious prison time for the escape. He went on to say that, 'If she is indeed charged with felony escape from a penal institution (i.e. a police station jail) it is a way more serious charge than the DUI [charge] that was the basis for the contact with the police.' In fact, Warren could be charged with a felony for the escape.

However, since the former supermodel claims to have been too drunk to even remember escaping, she may be able to avoid the more serious felony charge for a misdemeanor instead.

Warren was released from jail last Tuesday after posting her $100,000 bond.

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