Drunk Driver Causes Multiple Collisions

California Highway Patrol officers were kept busy last Saturday night when a drunk driver reportedly caused a multi-vehicle car crash.

Police reports show that Syed Ali, 37, rear-ended a vehicle driven by 39-year-old Mara Lefkowitz. Her Mercedez spun out of control, hit the west curb of the Golden Gate Bridge, causing several more cars to lose control. One struck her in the side while Lefkowitz sideswiped another vehicle, causing it to cross over multiple lanes on the bridge.

One of the vehicles, a van, overturned and blocked the southbound lanes for nearly 25 minutes; Lefkowitz's and Ali's car stopped in the middle of the northbound lanes of U.S. 101, blocking traffic for 40 minutes.

Ali was taken into custody on a DUI arrest and now faces multiple charges in relation to the DUI accident that he caused.

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