Apple and Google Under Fire for DUI App

Now that Apple and Google have cornered the market on applications, they are now under fire for a certain type of app.

Senator Charles Schumer is leading the crusade against apps that tell users the locations of police DUI checkpoints in the area. These apps allow you to use your phone to find red light traffic cameras, speed traps and DUI checkpoints using GPS. Schumer argued that these apps "endanger public safety by allowing drunk drivers to avoid police checkpoints" in a recent hearing by the Senate Judiciary subcommittee on technology and privacy.

Two apps in particular - Buzzed and Fuzz Alert - are of serious concern to lawmakers in agreement with Schumer. Not only do they endanger the public, Schumer argues, but they violate the companies' terms of service by helping users commit illegal acts. Google and Apple have responded by saying they will review their terms of agreement to see whether a violation has been made.

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