California Declares 2010 "Year of the Checkpoint"

When officials with the California traffic safety division declared 2010 the "year of the checkpoint," they delivered on their promise.

During 2010 agencies across the state held a combined 1,050 state-funded roadway sobriety checkpoints. These were held on major holidays, like Christmas, New Year's, the Super Bowl, and St. Patrick's Day, to cut down on drunk driving. This number is double that for checkpoints held in the previous year. Yet there were even more checkpoints held by other agencies not funded by the state to capture drunk drivers and other traffic violators.

Statistics collected by the Safe Transportation and Research Center at UC Berkeley also shows that for every one DUI arrest made, six cars were impounded. This amounted to 17,419 cars being seized during the last fiscal year. Of these drivers the largest group were sober, unlicensed illegal immigrants.

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