Young Man Behind Bars after Deadly DUI Accident

A young man now finds himself behind bars for killing two and injuring one more in a terrible DUI accident.

According to the California Highway Patrol, 21-year-old Evan Green was driving his 2004 Saturn Vue under the influence when he lost control, crashing it into a golf course. Two of his passengers - Marcus Nelson, 21, and Aaron Beaver, 21 - lost their lives immediately; the third passenger, 21-year-old Jacob Zimmer, is being treated for major injuries at a local hospital.

After being checked for any crash-related injuries, Green was arrested at booked into the San Luis Obispo County jail. He is now being held without bail for two charges of second-degree murder. Officers believe that Green was driving above the posted limit when he attempted to take a left-hand curve, causing his vehicle to flip over.

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