Woman with 6th DUI Shows Up In Court Drunk

Court officers were shocked to discover that a woman showed up to her court hearing intoxicated, largely in part since it was for her sixth DUI.

According to the Daily Herald, 54-year-old Sandra Uher, arrived at the Cook County Jail drunk for her Thursday hearing. She was then brought to Cermak Hospital, right after a judge revoked her bail. As a multiple DUI offender, it is unlikely that the court will not punish Uher for her latest offense. Uher was scheduled to speak to the judge regarding her last DUI arrest, which happened in March, when she ran a stop sign and crashed into another vehicle. When officers checked her blood-alcohol content at that time, it was 0.30.

If Uher is convicted of her latest DUI charge, which is highly likely, she could spend six to 30 years behind bars.

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